The coverage of Michael Jackson’s passing was notable for many reasons, not the least of which was the resemblance of all the legal talking heads to the ghouls in the Thriller video. Jackson’s legal woes and debts are abundantly well documented, yet even in death some lawyers seemed to need to continue to suckle on his aura one last time. The crew of TisonandWills spent hundreds of hours covering Jackson’s legal woes as journalists in LA over the last two decades. And while no one is questioning the righteous pursuit of any legitimate legal claims, particularly those involving harm to helpless children or others, there should be a bit of nausea going around the LA bar today over the ongoing retinue of purported family spokesmen, the talking heads, the legal complications that will probably go unresolved for another decade. He was an amazing talent, a troubled person, a father and family member. Not just a defendant or a name on a case file.


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