Now Blago’s Gone Too Far …

OK, it was one thing when former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich attempted to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder after trying to profit on ill children. Now he’s accused of besmirching the University of Illinois Law School. (We’re fond of Central Illinois, so take this personally.)

The Chicago Tribune recently broke the story that UofI Chancellor Richard Herman forced the school to admit an applicant who was backed by Count Blago and was not qualified. In return, the Chancellor sought a promise that Blago would help five graduates get jobs.,0,3541380.story

At the center of the story is a Chicago-based K&L Gates partner, Lawrence Eppley. (Note his extensive affiliations with concerns of the type previously implicated with Blago’s escapade. Sadly, he was also GC of Potbelly Sandwich Works, whose fine fixings this will hopefully not tarnish.)

What is almost certain to suffer is the reputation of UofI, which was this year tied for #23 in the U.S. News & World Report ranking.


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