Yo Rocky!

Today is Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo’s last day in office, yet rumors abound he is contemplating another run for public office.

Ummmm, what’s the polite way to say – Go away. Please please go away. Far far away. You are an embarassment.

It’s not just the weasley answers to any inquiry or the fact that your beloved wrecked a city car she was not supposed to be driving and you covered up. You came into office in a surprising rout of the favorite, and then quickly showed just how very little someone could do with a mandate of change.

Do not run again. Find a law firm that will take you, if you can. But please, go away.

Love and kisses,

Tison and Wills

PS And welcome Trutanich. From Rocky to Tru. Don’t know, but you really can’t do worse than your predecessors.


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