Ask Katrina

As we’ve mentioned here before, one of the cool features of Lawdragon is its ability to connect consumers with lawyers who can provide them guidance. This is not the same as hiring a lawyer, but is intended, instead, to break down the frustration millions of consumers feel when they have a legal issue and don’t know where to turn. Lawdragon is a lawyer search and news business, not a referral service or law firm. By posting questions and inviting lawyers to answer, we hope to help consumers make better choices when they ultimately do hire a lawyer.

Here’s today’s question:

Dear Katrina,

Our daughter and her husband have been married for 11 years. He has filed for divorce and demands that she and the 3 children are out of the house by the end of the month. She has not worked during their marriage because it was mutually agreed upon. Nothing is in her name. The house, bank accounts ETC. He also refuses to give her any money. He believes she does not deserve anything because he was the one who worked. I paid for an attorney to file a response to his paperwork. The attorney states he does not have to give her any money until the court hearing, which may not be for 6 months. He also refuses to go to mediation to resolve this. He knows he will financially cover the expenses for our daughter and the 3 kids. If he wants her out of the house I believe he should be forced to pay her way.

Your thoughts?


So, readers, if you have a background in family law and want to help out Scott, please hit respond or comment! Thanks.


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