Dewey +1, Mayer Brown -1

Dewey LeBoeuf is an interesting firm. It has great leadership and a real vision. Who would have thought if you put Dewey Ballantine together with LeBoeuf Lamb anything good could come of it? But it has.

Today, Dewey announced that it picked up a big rainmaker, Marshall Stoddard, of Mayer’s New York global finance practice. He was the relationship partner to Bank of America, having his best year last year with more than $10 million in business. He will become the U.S. head of bank and institutional finance at Dewey. He’s on quite a roll, helping companies like JP Morgan Chase in extending $650 million to Jones Apparel Group and Wells Fargo Foothill in closing a $305 million line of credit to Kia Motors. Star strategist Bobbie McMorrow of McMorrow Savarese Consulting handled the deal.

Mayer Brown, meanwhile, continues to amble as it incorporates new leadership (under Herbert Krueger) amidst departures.


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