Heller Ehrman Estate Goes Officially Batshit

What the hell are representatives of the deceased Heller Ehrman thinking in their threats to sue Covington & Burling for hiring 14 IP partners from the sinking ship last September? According to law.com’s Amanda Royal,  http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1202432044501, the estate may sue for breach of fiduciary duty. Heller’s estate hired Lovitt & Hannan, http://www.lh-sf.com/ to recover money for the estate. Also under investigation is a potential malpractice claim against Greenberg Traurig for failing to discover that BofA had not secured its loan to Heller.

Royal deftly uncovers, via a bankruptcy fee request, that Lovitt lawyers have been researching the messy $5.5 million settlement between Brobeck and Clifford Chance, which hired 17 partners from the doomed Brobeck eight months before it dissolved.

We’d just like to point out that the only remarkable thing about Heller Ehrman dissolving September 26, 2008, is that it took so long.

Heller had been sinking for a decade (at least), with lots of aspirations and delightful lawyers but little in the sense of a real business model. We love pro bono and good intentions if you can also keep the lights on.

Anyway, nothing like biting the hand that fed you, folks. We understand fiduciary duties and clawing back assets wrongfully taken, but honestly, it’s amazing Robert Haslam and other top talent remained at the aimless but amiable Heller as long as they did. http://www.cov.com/rhaslam/


One response to “Heller Ehrman Estate Goes Officially Batshit

  1. I think these guys are shooting at anything that moves to generate legal fees, but those 14 cocksuckers who left Heller were personally responsible for the Mayer Brown merger failing and putting 0ver a 1000 people out of work. I guess these guys weren’t Star Trek Fans “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

    I hope they are satisfied in what they did.

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