Ask Katrina – Bankruptcy & Vet Bills

Today’s question comes from Orange County, California, and concerns an animal hospital business.

Gina writes:

“Hopefully you can give me advice here. We are a small privately owned animal hospital located in Orange County, California. In June 2008, a new client brought in their pet labrador for an extensive hip surgery.

“Prior to performing any surgery, a client is provided with the cost. This client agreed to the terms and conditions. After the surgery the client informed the doctor that she was unable to pay for the services.

“Our hospital assisted the client by providing several animal organizations that assist with the cost. We also provided a payment plan based on the client’s own terms. Each month the client had to be reminded of the payment plan of $200. In May 2009, this client advised that she had just recently filed for bankruptcy. The outstanding balance owed to the hospital is $3,000. Do we have any actions we can take in recovering the remaining balance? Do we get notified by anyone to verify that in fact she had filed? What is the total debt amount in order to file? By the way, this particular client works the front desk in a law office.

“Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.”


OK, readers, if you can point Gina in the right direction, that would be great! Thanks.


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