Ask Katrina – ‘Uncivilized Savages’ in Colton

Today’s question comes from an elderly homeowner in Colton, CA, who bought a house she is unhappy with. When she tried to complain to local officials, she claims she was beaten and is now facing charges. If anyone out there wants to respond with some guidance for this lady, it sounds like she needs it. All you have to do is comment. NO attorney-client privilege is formed by any thoughts you share. Thanks!

Dear Lawdragon,

I am a 72-year old homeowner in Colton, CA. I sold my home in the Valley and bought here in Colton from the City of Colton in 2003. I was not told that the wiring underground was so old and rotten and that the power was out once a month from 2 to 5 days each time.

I brought my insurance agency with me, which I started in 2000. My business was doing well, but each time the power went off, I lost 20 page applications and much more. I was unable to receive faxes or phone calls. Consequently by the year 2006, I had lost 70 to 80 percent of my business and at my age that is pretty significant.

In October of 2006, after losing all the applications I had prepared for the day, the power went down again and I lost everything I had done. I went to the home of a Board member. I was NOT happy and asked, “NOW, HOW LONG WILL BE DOWN THIS TIME?”  The husband … of the Board member came out of the house and beat me. The Police were called and I was cited. This young man got away with beating a four foot ten inch old woman. I was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

This evil woman filed a false police report stating I had ripped her door right off the hinges and fallen on a water hose. My. Dr.’s statements stated that I have severe limitations in my limbs besides; the injuries were not consistent with her story.

Since then I ran for the Board and was elected. This evil woman is still a Board member and has reported me for harassment, as I have called her a cheat and a LIAR, because she was permitted to file a false Police report in 2006.

Now I will be required to appear before the DA on harassment charges. So, again this women will come out winners. I do not understand what the City of Colton is thinking. Where is the JUSTICE?

A normal citizen would have threatened me with calling the Police in order to get me off their property. A normal person would not have BEATEN AN OLD WOMAN, or anyone. In normal circumstances a City would have penalized the uncivilized savage, right?

My question is: The DA’s office is supposedly going to call me in with these charges. What rights do I have?

I am so tired of getting the short end of the stick here in Colton.

Thank you.


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