Maybe the Legislature Should Close Instead

Hello, Sacramento?

Hi. It’s the judiciary calling. I think we haven’t been communicating so well, and we’d like to try to explain this little three-part system of government to you. You legislators are known as the executive branch. And that Hollywood actor, the Governator? Yeah. He’s the executive. In civics class, we learned that the judiciary is a co-equal branch of government. A few years back, you actually supported that when Chief Justice Ronald George won independent funding for the judiciary. You seemed to recognize the importance of a strong justice system as a bedrock of our state.

Those were happier days. Now, you can’t pass a budget to save your life and any budget you do pass will be a shadow of its former self. Times are tough.

But we’re all in this together. So can’t you please at least pass a budget? 

Los Angeles and Mendocino implemented furloughs in approximately 560 courtrooms this week to help the state judiciary plug a budget cut that exceeds $200 million. A few courtrooms stayed open for emergency matters, including restraining orders, in-custody arraignments and juvenile dependency cases.,0,2681249.story

Anyway, just keep arguing about politics while you continue to drive the state further into the ground. As for the courts, it’s only children and people trying to abide by the law being hurt here.

California is blessed with outstanding judicial administrators and jurists, but they can’t do it alone.

Statewide court closures are scheduled to start August 19.  


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