Sad, Sad Lawyers

Usually, it’s lawyers who cause the depression. Not these days.

As the New York Law Journal writes, lawyers are increasingly depressed these days. It would be easy to write this off as “welcome to the world” where most folks are walking around wondering what just hit us. But that would trivialize a serious problem in the profession. Lawyers are compulsive worriers – that’s part of the job. And when they are hit with less income, job instability and perhaps even a loss of the ability to find a job, it’s a recipe for self-destructive behavior without a net.

The article notes the importance of talking to others and not trying to mask depression by acting like everything’s OK. It’s not. The world tanked in the past year and the legal profession is undergoing fundamental change that will rob many lawyers of the stability they worked hard to achieve.

These are the times that define us. Chin up. Remember that your law degree is a ticket to do anything you want. Look for new opportunities and create new approaches to using your degree.


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