Ask Katrina – Widow Needs Her Disability

Today’s Ask Katrina comes from Diana, who desperately needs some advice about long term disability. She writes:

I am a widow who is in financial need. I worked for Nordstrom for 15 years and I am trying to collect my Long Term Disability, and the company, Metlife, is not willing to give me my claim. I became disabled in July of 2002. They were paying me in the beginning when I became sick. They said they sent me a letter to continue it long term, but I never got the letter. Because I did not respond within the 60 days, they say they cannot help me.

My husband passed away at the end of November 2008 and I am not really in a good financial place and that money will help me.

Is there anything that you can do to help me?


To respond to Diana, simply leave a comment. No attorney-client privilege is formed by responding to these simple pleas from everyday people who do not know how to get legal help. Thanks!


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