Paul Weiss Lures Delaware’s Lamb

Paul Weiss has scored one of the year’s biggest coups, luring Chancery Court Vice-Chancellor Stephen Lamb to open a Wilmington office. Lamb is an extraordinarily well respected jurist on the nation’s top corporate court, where he completed a 12 year term on Tuesday. Among his biggest recent decisions were a ruling that Apollo’s Hexion Corp. had breached a merger agreement with Huntsman as well as his approval of a plan by IAC/Interactive Corp. to spin off four businesses against a challenge by Liberty Media.

Lamb recently reflected on his tenure on the court at NYU.

In joining Paul Weiss, he joins chairman Brad Karp, who is one of the nation’s leading securities litigators and Chancery practitioners. Karp said “Vice-Chancellor Lamb possesses one of America’s finest legal minds and, during his 12 years on the Chancery Court, has played an integral role in the development of corporate law.”

Prior to joining Chancery, Lamb was a partner at Skadden’s Wilmington office. He will also spend time in Paul Weiss’ New York headquarters.

The opening on the illustrious court is drawing a great slate of candidates.


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