Calling Robert DeNiro…

It’s hard to read about the creepy murders committed by George Sodini at an LA Fitness gymnasium near Pittsburgh without thinking of “Taxi Driver”, although “Systems Analyst” doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Sodini was a 48-year old analyst at K&L Gates, who worried he would be laid off when he wasn’t planning to kill women to vent his frustrated and lonely life. Above the Law, as always, does a great job digging into the story.

He started an online diary after he realized his “project” was going to “drag on.” He planned the killings for January, but chickened out. He took off work the day before the killings to practice, noted that he hoped to see God very soon, posted his own date of death, then went and killed three women and wounded nine others.

His blog is very creepy. or (We actually recommend you read it at the latter blog, written by a down on his luck man in Western Pennsylvania, creating a nice blend of Deer Hunter and Taxi Driver.)


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