How Ginni & Clarence Roll

Anyone with the least interest in the U.S. Supreme Court had to have Clarence Thomas’ nomination hearings called to mind during the ridiculous questioning of Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Not because of any substantive parallels, but just for their sheer ugliness and the true discomfort some Senators display when confronting a nominee who is not like them. (Let’s just say Chief Justice John Roberts’ questioners didn’t sound like this.)

So it was particularly sweet to listen to an interview with Thomas’ wife, Ginni, who talked to On the Road about their favorite pasttime. Camping. and

As soon as the last opinion is filed, Clarence & Ginni load up their RV – a 40 foot Prevo bus and point in the direction of the open road.  They’ve been to 27 states so far, and were in upstate New York when Ginni gave an interview. Thomas generally likes being incognito on the road, which can become a problem when people are just too darned friendly. At one spot they favored, Ginni said, 20 or 30 people would wait to see him leave the bus in the morning. They decided to move on down the road a piece.

She said they particularly favor Wal-Mart parking lots for their overnights. “It’s one of our favorite things to do if we’re not having to plug in,” she said. They get a little shopping in, probably pick up some free food samples. “It’s a wonderful life.”


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