Tweet Law 102

Timing is everything.

One month ago Alexander Macgillivray was the deputy general counsel for products and intellectual property at Google, settling its dispute with authors and book publishers over scans of out of print books.

Today, he’s general counsel of Twitter, the most overexposed app since Sharon Stone.

In the 26 days since the New York Times and TechCrunch the story, Twitter has made headlines for an allegedly defamatory tweet, been sued for patent infringement and been shut down in a denial of service attack

Twitter apparently saw the patent infringement suits coming in February, when, according to documents obtained by TechCrunch, its execs recognized “We will be sued for patent infringement, repeatedly and often.” (The lawyer representing TechRadium, which claims it has three patents on Immediate Response Information Systems that Twitter has infringed is Shawn Staples of Houston’s The Mostyn Law Firm.

Got that right.

Earlier this year, its only known imbroglios were Tony La Russa, whose tweetlebrity was jacked, Courtney Love, who tweeted that a designer known as Boudoir Queen was a ‘nasty lying hosebag thief’.

Life was simpler then.



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