Bankruptcy Filings Up 35 Percent

We tried to write something clever about all those BigFirm lawyers who are out of work who could take heart that there is a practice area that’s booming. But the truth is, this is just too depressing. Yes, the economy is picking up (praise God), but the little guy is still SCREWED.

That’s the word from the Blog of the Legal Times,, which reports that individuals and firms filed 1.3 million bankruptcies for the year that ended in June. Business filings increased 63 percent and individual filings were up 34 percent. It’s the third straight year of bankruptcy boom times.

We’re not going to get all political on this, but it would be nice if we focused on little businesses and people who are hurting in addition to all those we are bailing out.

Carey Ebert,, president of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys,, practices in Hurst, Texas. She doesn’t anticipate things getting better anytime soon. She’s seen the increase accelerate locally in the last few months as unemployment and foreclosures continued to sweep the nation.


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