David Dean Strikes Again

We’ve never made any secret of our admiration of New York plaintiff lawyer extraordinairre, David Dean of Sullivan Papain. http://www.triallaw1.com/attorneys/members_ofcounsel_profile8f25.html?type=0&attorneyid=15 His story is the stuff of legend, and since we met him a few years back, he just keeps winning one multimillion-dollar award after another.

So when we heard about a $15 million verdict out of New York in which a bus struck a bicyclist, it sure sounded like Dean’s kind of case. (New York has perhaps a dozen other great PI lawyers in his league, but any case that involves scrap and guts and real people seriously physically injured by cars or other blue-collar transport brings Dean to mind.)

And sure enough – Mariya Radeva can thank Dean for a remarkable verdict, of which she will collect $9 million (the jury found she was 40 percent liable). Radeva was a 26-year old graduate anthropology student riding her bike on Sixth Avenue and West 40th Street in Manhattan when she collided with a public bus. She was riding in the right parking lane, though Sixth Avenue had a bicycle lane on the left side of the street. When the bus clipped her, she fell and the bus rolled over her left arm, which was severely injured. She has use of her arm but has endured multiple surgeries and still suffers pain.

Dean found a witness who testified that the bus strayed into the parking lane, as well as an MTA supervisor who acknowledged that though he inspected the bus, its mirrors would not have provided proper visibility to the driver. The case was reported in the subscription-only VerdictSearch, so we apologize that no link is available.

The New York City Transit Authority was represented by James Burbage of Barry McTiernan & Moore.http://www.mctiernanlaw.com/Firm_Partners.html


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