Katherine Smith – You Are No Big Poppa!

After the season of BigKnives in which BigLaw associate ranks were shredded, you might have thought humility might have taken hold. And then along comes Katherine Smith, a third-year Gibson Dunn associate, http://www.gibsondunn.com/Lawyers/ksmith, who puts that delusion to rest.

Ms. Smith’s househusband is Danny Barclay, and he is one of the featured male-adroits on a new Fox series intended as a counterpunch to the FABULOUS Real Housewives series.

First, as if! And this is where Ms. Smith has now trod on hallowed ground. We are BIG Real Housewives fans (in fact, much of today is dedicated to anticipation of the Atlanta smackdown tonight, and whether Nene will pull off Kim’s wig).

So when Ms. Smith’s hubby decided to COMPETE to be on Househusbands of Hollywood, one might have thought Ms. Smith – a 2003 Duke grad – would understand that she might at least be of interest. (Like yo, Danny, who’s your sugarmama?)

Anyway, Abovethelaw is having a riot with this story, which is highly recommended reading, even if you cannot name every one of the Real Housewives from Orange County, New York, Atlanta and, my favorite, New Jersey. http://abovethelaw.com/2009/08/gibson_dunn_househusbands_hollywood.php 

Fox Reality describes Ms. Smith as Katherine Barclay, a high-powered attorney, which her partners are no doubt snickering about right alongside her privacy claims. And apparently, she is quite unhappy to have her cover blown by a reporter who graduated in her very own law school class. (tee hee!). http://trueslant.com/KashmirHill/2009/08/13/househusbands-of-hollywood-katherine-danny-barclay/

In fairness to Ms. Barclay/Smith/SugarMama, we should point out that husbands/Sugardaddies have been allowed to opt out of the Real Housewives series. We never saw the boyfriend of Atlanta’s Kim, who is known as Big Poppa and whose picture was recently leaked online. Nor has the husband of New Jersey’s Dina appeared. Both shows explained that neither man wanted to be involved in the shows and the focus remained on the women.

Double standard: 1; Comic relief: priceless!


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