Please Buy Katherine A Clue

Dear Katherine,

Now that we’ve seen the Househusbands of Hollywood, we must retract whatever understanding we extended to you in our previous blog post. 

You apparently got pissy that identified you as an associate at Gibson Dunn in Los Angeles (yes, the show calls you a high-powered lawyer. but don’t believe everything in Hollywood, dear).

Apparently, you thought your identity should go undisclosed, or at least you declined an interview request because your firm name and your last name were disclosed.

That is presumably why your law firm bio has a different name (Katherine V.A. Smith) and no photo, while Katherine Barclay trounces all over HHOH as well as her seriously PW husband.

Not only do you appear on camera more than two noted Hollywood personalities – Tempestt Bledsoe of the Cosby Show and gorgeous Jillan Reynolds – you confront your husband after long days of billing saying mommy wants you to have a baby NOOOOWWWWWW, kicking your husband out of his pitiful half-garage man cave in front of all the other hubbies, and emailing him his daily ‘to do’ lists. 

 At any rate, we entirely retract any comparison of you and Big Poppa (of the Real Housewives of Atlanta). Big Poppa is anonymous because he never appeared on camera. You’re trying to steal the show masquerading as someone you’re not while refusing to disclose the only possible relevancy for your poor husband’s presence alongside Jillian’s gorgeous husband, Grant.

Your firm, Gibson Dunn, has some good First Amendment lawyers who can counsel you about your wrongheaded claims to privacy. As for your presumably pending marital difficulties, call us … we know some good divorce lawyers.


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