Free Willie! Or At Least Legal Documents!

The federal court administrators are FINALLY reviewing the stupid PACER system and seeking your opinion on whether you should have to pay to view for public records.

Let me try that again. You, the taxpayers, pay for courthouses, judges and the people who process and file all the documents that comprise every case in the country. One of the great outrages is that to view these records for many courts, including the federal court, individuals have had to pay a separate fee.

Oddly, many people would think the public should have true access to the records they’ve already paid for.

So … here’s your chance, with a story from the Blog of the Legal Times.

The story notes the existence of a free alternative, Recap, that may have played a role in the somewhat abrupt consideration of judicial glasnost.

What’s particularly delightful is that the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts is seeking input, but offering no apparent way to give it. Here is the link from the Administrative Office.

We are seeking the e-mail of spokesperson Richard Carelli, although the Office of Public Affairs of the AOC can be reached at 202-502-2600. We strongly suggest you bombard the following email with complaints about paying TWICE for public information:


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