Dewey Does Back to Back Billions

A few months back, we wrote that something seemed to be in the water at Dewey LeBoeuf after it lured Lawdragon 500 star Rick Climan and his dealmaking corps from Cooley.

Still, no one could have anticipated that Dewey LeBoeuf would pull off back to back billion-dollar deals in what is supposed to be one of the slowest weeks of the year. 

This morning, we learned that Climan joined his fellow deal stars Keith Flaum and Jane Ross (who only recently moved over from Cooley) in representing longtime client eBay in its sale of 65 percent of Skype to a group of investors at a valuation of $2.75B. The same trio represented eBay in 2005 when it acquired Skype.

The investors include Silver Lake Partners, Index Venture, Andreessen Horowitz and the Canada Pension Plan. The investors were represented by Sullivan & Cromwell.

The deal must have been particularly rewarding for the trio, who joined Dewey less than two months ago.  eBay’s general counsel Mike Jacobson and in-house counsel Kathryn Hall are both former Cooley lawyers. 

The eBay-Skype sale comes just one day after the enormous $4b stock and cash purchase by Disney, which picked up Marvel Entertainment and its treasure trove of cartoon properties, including Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk. Morton Pierce of Dewey was the lead lawyer for Disney.

The Marvel team was led by — wait for it ….. – Carl Sanchez, another former Cooley dealmaker who is now at Paul Hastings in San Diego. He led an IP team anchored by yet another former Cooley lawyer, Jane Song, which reviewed the transferability of rights to 5,000 Marvel characters.


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