Hogan Nabs Bennett & Rauh (Or When Pigs Fly…)

If someone had told us the summer of 2008 that a year later the economy would have tanked, that Barack Obama would be president and that Robert S. Bennett would have left Skadden for Hogan & Hartson, we would have said Obama, quite possible; the economy, unlikely but conceivable, and Bennett? Never.

Bennett is a Lawdragon 500 member since its inception, the biggest of the big in Washington, D.C. He presents Enron, Bill Clinton, John McCain, Caspar Weinberger and Sarah Palin, among many, many, many others. Skadden has had some odd departures this year, some suspicious, others confounding. But this one is unbelivable. http://amlawdaily.typepad.com/amlawdaily/2009/09/skadden-loses-mick-we-mean-bob.html

Here’s the announcement from Hogan & Hartson’s chair, Warren Gorrell, http://www.hhlaw.com/pressroom/newspubs/detail.aspx?news=1110. Carl Rauh also made the leap with Bennett, who started his career at Hogan.


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