Corboy Makes Huge Gift to Loyola Chicago

Famed plaintiff lawyer Philip Corboy of Corboy & Demetrio has made a major financial donation to his alma mater, Loyola University’s Chicago School of Law, that reportedly exceeds the $5 million gift from Bernard Beazley in 2006. Corboy and  is also donating his papers to the school, which is renaming its headquarters the Philip H. Corboy Law Center.

David Yellen, dean of the law school,, said “There are very few lawyers who have had the impact Phil Corboy has,” noting his transformative role in personal injury practice.,0,7463451.story (The Tribune initially reported incorrectly that the entire school was being renamed for Corboy.) Corboy graduated first in his law school class of 1949 and was unable to get a job from the local firms who were not interested in hiring “an Irish Catholic graduate of a local school,” said Yellen, launching Corboy on the path that would lead to him founding one of the great plaintiff firms in the United States.

Corboy made the gift with his wife, Mary A. Dempsey.


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