Chavez Leaving Virtual Law

One of the co-founders of Virtual Law Partners, Andrea Chavez, is leaving the firm to form Aragorn Law with another VLP partner, Emily Gavin.

Her decision came six weeks after the sudden death of visionary Craig Johnson, who joined Chavez and RoseAnne Rotandaro in establishing VLP just a year ago.

Chavez served as executive partner of VLP, which she said she joined for the opportunity to work with Johnson. After Johnson’s death, the now 40-attorney firm decided to expand the executive committee and form an outside advisory board. Before joining Rotandaro and Johnson in founding Virtual Law, Chavez had her own virtual firm, Lion Tech Law.

Rotandaro said Chavez’ departure would not impact the firm, which she will continue as Johnson’s legacy.

(Virtual Law has also been in the tech news headlines this week because of the upcoming marriage of another of its partners, Zach Bogue, to Google vice president Marissa Mayer


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